Life At Chợ Tốt

Life At Chợ Tốt

How we care for FRUITIES

Invest in your growth

Learning is crucial as many things we need to do are 1st-time trials. Therefore, we foster learning through every possible way for FRUITies' personal and professional development. You can learn through online platforms (coursera, udemy, o'reilly), training courses, workshops, conferences (in Vietnam and abroad), and FRUIT talks (where speakers are FRUITies). Topics are totally open, from coding, machine learning, arranging flowers, yoga to making bubble tea. Once you come up with a learning request, we'll find ways to support you.

Take all the time you need

We provide 15 annual days off, 5 more days for sick leave and other personal leave types (for marriage, funeral, maternity, health problems). Whenever you sacrifice your off-time for OT or attending external events, we'll pay you back in the form of extra days off. We know that all FRUITies need time away from work to recharge, travel, take care of personal stuff, or spend time with family and friends.

Support your loved ones' and your health

We provide premium health package for you and your family members upon request. Your health all matters to us. Every Tuesday and Thursday, all FRUITies gather for actual fruits at the pantry. We also provide noodles, snacks, coffee and tea to keep you energized throughout the day. During covid time, we are one of the soonest companies that let employees work from home even before lockdown.

Engage as one big family

We listen through engagement surveys (in numbers) and engagement workshops (in persons). After all these years, 100% FRUITies still say it is our culture that they appreciate the most. We love to travel together. Every year we travel at least twice, once as the whole Family, once as a small team. And we love to bond through activities. There was no single month that went by without activity. We bond inside and outside the office, in big teams and small groups, both offline and online. No pandemic can stop us from organizing engagement activities.

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