Cover for Company Trip 2022: DaLaChoTo - Dám Làm Cho Tới

Company Trip 2022: DaLaChoTo - Dám Làm Cho Tới

In the midst of the chaos and pressure at the end of the year 2022, Chotot chose to spend 3 days for all members to have fun and recharge batteries to return to work and sprint for the finish lines. For one reason only: "This is what FRUITies need right

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In the midst of the chaos and pressure at the end of the year 2022, Chotot chose to spend 3 days for all members to have fun and recharge batteries to return to work and sprint for the finish lines. For one reason only: "This is what FRUITies need right now!"

In December, the ideal place for running away from the sweltering weather, isn't Dalat City a perfect choice? For this Company Trip 2022, we decided to spend 3 days (Dec 9,10,11) together having fun, participating in many bonding activities, eating and resting in Dalat - the city of flowers and a very famous tourist destination because of its enchanting natural beauty.

Dalat welcomed more than 200 FRUITies with a cold morning of 10*C. We had breakfast and watched the sunrise at the local restaurant - Da Lat View. Standing on the hills, breathing in the fresh air and looking at the breathtaking surrounding view was enough to help us get rid of the fatigue and stress from the year-end runs. Taking advantage of the early morning mist and sunlight, FRUITies managed to capture fresh moments together, marking the official start for DaLaChoTo - Chotot Company Trip 2022.

We chose the name DaLaChoTo and the slogan “Dám Làm Cho Tới" (Go for it). “DaLaChoTo” is a combination of the names of “DaLat” and “ChoTot”. It is also an abbreviation for our slogan "Dám Làm Cho Tới" with the hope that in this trip, our beloved FRUITie dares to play hard and together create beautiful memories.


In the first morning in Dalat, our first activity is the opening section with an aim to make everyone warm up both physically and mentally. The cold of Dalat morning was not enough to overwhelm the heat of our team-spirit. All of our members were divided into 16 teams. Members who were not in the same department, then had the opportunity to interact, have fun and conquer the challenges together. Each team prepared a unique name, slogan, and a way to celebrate victory. Their group posters were also top-notch, let’s take a look:


Visiting Dalat without joining a music night is a mistake, it is also a shortcoming to not enjoy grilled food and sit by the coals stove - Someone said. And of course in this trip, FRUITies could not be without this wonderful experience. We had a relaxing night just to eat, dance, sing and enjoy at Thung Lũng Đèn on the first day in Dalat.

A little bit of drunkenness got us more excited than ever. Many anonymous singers had been revealed, we could enjoy many good songs performed by our members. Not only that, many dancers who had hidden their profession for a long time had shown their talents. We also came onto the stage to sway to music, creating many exciting and funny dances.


It was an early morning at Tuyen Lam Lake, we teamed up and jumped into an interesting Amazing Race. No matter how hard the challenges were, everyone accepted and fought. Thank you all for daring to strive and wholeheartedly playing! Team spirit was the thing that made our trip more memorable than ever.

16 teams - 6 routes around Tuyen Lam Lake - and many mysterious challenges along the way, a morning full of emotions and memories, so that each member would had many things to tell and remind them whenever they return Dalat later: about their team, beautiful scenes encountered on the road, how the team overcame challenges, some jokes and funny incidents along the way,... Check out some challenges: zip line swing, rowing board sup, naming flowers through its scent, adding durian without an opener, solving number matrix,... All required both physical strength and intelligence power to be able to make it done in the shortest time.

After passing all challenges, 16 teams gathered to play the final game of wisdom: Chest Auction. In this round, each team had to define whether or not to exchange their points for the mysterious number of points in three chests. Many teams were determined to put all their available points with the hope of getting higher scores, some teams calmly decided not to join in the match to preserve their existing points. And believe it or not, a lot of unexpected surprises happened. Teams' positions were more or less turned upside down. We ended our exciting amazing race with a big laugh and a lifetime lesson in auction games.

Our unforgettable "Chest Auction"


With over 200 attending, this year Gala Dinner proved a great night for FRUITies. It was a truly glamorous affair when each and every one of us dressed up so well, appeared with big smiles and all waited for moments to shine. It was a night full of music and performances. We raised the spirit of DARE: we dared to sing, rap and dance; we dared to be King, Queen and do the most memorable catwalk; and most importantly, we dared to do things that had never been done before. We enjoyed our party to the fullest:

  • Well-prepared performances of 16 teams
  • Surprising catwalk of Chotot's Kings & Queens
  • Announcement and well-deserved awards for all teams
  • Some settling moments & the closing sharing from our CEO

Our sweet night made us feel sweet home right in Dalat!

Chotot Company Trip 2022 has officially ended, we believes that our beloved FRUITies have truly enjoyed, fully recharged their batteries to prepare for an even more accelerated year to come!