About Us

About Us

We exist to create the smart marketplace that empowers Vietnamese daily life. As the first recommerce platform and a pioneer in classified 4.0, we believe that we can build a one-stop site to meet all wants and needs of Vietnamese in all stages of their life.

From “Cho Tot?” to “Cho Tot!”

When we first started in 2012, “good market” (Vietnamese meaning of Cho Tot) is an unconventional term in Vietnam. Now there are average 9 out of 10 Vietnamese people who are aware of Cho Tot when asking about selling and buying in any category. We serve more than 10 million users on our site who generate approximately 1 billion page views and nearly 2 million new listed items every month.

Whether you are looking for a house, a car, a job, a pet or a piece of vegetable, you can find on Cho Tot. Whether you are passing things you once loved or giving them to people in need, Cho Tot is here to assist. With technology, we build a simple, efficient and reliable platform that meets all the wants and needs in all stages of your life.

Chotot now has more than 60 diverse categories on the platform, which belong to 4 verticals: property, vehicles, job, and goods. You can easily find them on our website or app, and play with both buyer and seller role. On Chotot.com, we focus on preloved items - the thing that makes us differently from the others. Cho Tot pursues recommerce with the spirit of supporting conscious consumerism and sustainable development.

Our Core Values

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    Fast growth

    Fast growth

    At Chotot, we foster professional development through continuous learning and daring to try new things. Along the way to thrive for better results, each and every of us needs to drive up our fear and live beyond our limits.

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    We take the most ownership and follow-up constantly, report proactively and diligently measuring our own progress. We are always cause in the matter and internalize our commitment to achieving the common goals.

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    User first

    User first

    We place users at heart of our business. We understand them by truly listening to them, including but not limited to research and analytics. On our growth journey, we try to be the users by prioritizing the use of Cho Tot products and services.

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    We are living up to the promise. We cherish trustworthy and ethical, maintain a high level of composure in our communication with other members. All our effort is contributed to build an open and healthy environment.

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    We are one big team who share the same belief. We have developed strong teams that produce solid results. We challenge, inspire, help and support each other to grow. Collaboration is the paramount to sustainable success of our organization.

Our Milestones


Founded under 701Search - a joint venture of Singapore Press Holding, Schibsted Media, and Telenor


Hit 100K visits per day & 150M page views per month


  • Hit 400K visits per day
  • Released Cho Tot app - First C2C app in Vietnam


  • Hit 1M visits per day
  • Hit 1M account users
  • Topped YouTube Ads Leaderboard in Vietnam with series "Nam dep trai va dan xe khung"


  • Changed domain from Chotot.vn to Chotot.com
  • Hit 1.1B page views per month
  • Released Dong Tot - Cho Tot exclusive payment method


  • Launched Cho Tot Xe - Vehicle vertical & Cho Tot Nha - Property vertical
  • Telenor acquired Singapore Press Holding and Schibsted Media's shares in 701Search - Cho Tot became 100% a part of Telenor Group
  • Renewed brand identity - Launched new logo


  • Hit 1.3M visit per day and 1.2B page views per month
  • Cho Tot Xe hit 10M visits per month and 100K selling ads per month
  • Cho Tot Nha hits 5M visits per month
  • Opened branch office in Hanoi


  • Profitable
  • Hit 50M visit per month & 3.5M successful transaction per year
  • 701Search merged with Carousell - Cho Tot became a part of Carousell group
  • Top 1 well-known online selling & buying site for cars, motorbikes, properties & used items*
  • Top 2 most well-known online selling & buying sites for electronics in HCMC*
  • Top 1 well-known online site for seeking jobs/posting jobs in HCMC*
  • Top 1 favorite online selling and buying site for properties*


  • Launched Food - new category, collaborated with Unilever Food Solution
  • New CEO Jacky Nguyen Trong Tan
  • Carousell wrapped up $80 million investment from a consortium led by Naver and featuring Mirae Asset-Naver Asia Growth Fund and NH Investment & Securities
  • Cho Tot Nha hit 8M visits per month.


  • Zing News Best Innovation Award, category E-commerce platform
  • Cho Tot Nha hit 9M visits per month, 500K properties live ads all over Vietnam & 200K new ads per month
  • Cho Tot Xe hit 16M visit per month & 250K selling ads per month
  • Top 1 classified websites (traffic ranking) in Vietnam**
  • Launched Viec Lam Tot - new endorsed brand for blue-collar jobs
  • Viec Lam Tot hit 1.4M job vacancies


  • Viec Lam Tot's campaign "Banh Mi Job Mobility Centers" won 1 Gold, 1 Silver at MMA Smarties Vietnam and 1 Silver at BSI Awards 2022
  • Launched 'Protected Playment' (Thanh Toán Đảm Bảo) feature - an escrow payment system of Cho Tot
  • Cho Tot Nha announced rebrand as Nha Tot
  • Nha Tot is honored as Best PropTech Developer at Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2022


  • Officially launched Nha Tot - a proptech powered by Cho Tot with 100M monthly pageviews
  • Cho Tot launched the first secondhand car showroom in D7, HCMC - Caraha
  • Cho Tot now has 10M monthly active users and 55M monthly visits, huge potential growth with 31% CAGR and is top 3 market by revenue of the Carousell Group
  • Cho Tot was honored to attain ESG awards: Top 50 Sustainable Development Enterprise Award 2023, Marketing for Development Awards


  • Rebranding Cho Tot Xe and officially launched Cho Tot Xe Official Mall
  • Cho Tot honored to be Top 2 "Employer of Choice" in the Information Technology industry by Careerviet.vn

* According to Nielsen's Brand Health Tracker 2019
** According to SimilarWeb 2021