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Celebrate the Month of Continuous Learning and Growth

Celebrate the Month of Continuous Learning and Growth

At ChoTot, where innovation meets collaboration, this May of 2024 holds a special place in our hearts as we embarked on a journey of learning and growth through a series of engaging training sessions. These sessions were more than just moments of knowledge-sharing; they were opportunities for our team to enhance their skills, broaden their horizons, and truly embody our culture of continuous improvement.

Exploring cutting-edge topics like GenAI, we dived deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, uncovering the endless possibilities and real-world applications that shape our technological landscape. Within the session, we got a chance to learn from three Tech experts in the family: Kelvin Vuong - CTO, Thanh Tran - Associate Engineering Director, and Thien Pham - Associate Data Director. During these sessions, we delved into key components of the most up to date technology stack that help realize AI products as of 2024, what other Marketplaces in the world have been using AI to solve, what ChototAI have in store for us to innovate product, service and further. FRUITies also had the invaluable opportunity to put GenAI into practice and effectively utilize it for their own work.

The second FRUIT Talk session, guided by Dat Vo - Product Manager, focused on the topic "Measure Underserved Needs with Outcome-Driven Mindset”. We followed the footsteps of the Job-to-be-done and Outcome-Driven Innovation history, from defining the Job Map, Job Steps, and Desire Outcome to measuring desired results through qualitative and quantitative research. FRUITies also explored successful case studies to grasp the secrets of optimizing customer satisfaction.

*At Chotot, FRUIT Talk is an internal training and development program at ChoTot, providing a platform for each member to comfortably share knowledge and experiences towards learning and continuously enhance both professional and personal growth together.

In addition to internal experienced speakers, we also invite distinguished external experts from the market to join us in sharing insights and providing valuable learning opportunities for our members. The Talk Show happening at ChoTot on May 27th was truly a memorable event with the appearance of Ms.Trang Tran - Chief Partnership Officer, NEWing Company.

Ms.Trang with over 16 years of experience in driving business growth and leading business development. At the event, our members of the Commercials Team had the opportunity to gather and listen attentively as Trang shared her journey of overcoming challenges in the sales and achieving success, valuable career development insights were also imparted by her, resonating with FRUITies at ChoTot. We not only had the chance to directly interact and engage in Q&A with Trang, but also witnessed real-life stories, heartfelt experiences, and precious lessons from someone who has gone through a challenging journey in the business realm. With vibrant interaction and enthusiastic spirits, the sharing session inspired and provided essential skills for FRUITies to navigate their professional development path with confidence. The session wasn't just about skills; it was about fostering a mindset of perseverance and growth.

The essence of these training activities goes beyond mere learning; it embodies our commitment at ChoTot to create a culture where knowledge flows freely, collaboration thrives, and every individual is empowered to reach their full potential. By sharing, collaborating, and supporting one another, we not only sharpen our skills but also strengthen our bonds as a team.

ChoTot isn't just a workplace; it's a community—a community that values learning, embraces challenges, and celebrates the spirit of innovation. Through these collective efforts, we pave the way for transformative growth, endless possibilities, and a shared journey towards excellence.